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林師傑 - 不再說謊 (Acoustic Version) (TVB劇集”愛回家”歌曲)



Singapore street photographer sees beauty in the mundane

Drink cans, shoes, expressways and tall apartments are nothing special to most Singaporeans, but they are beautiful in the eyes of photographer Yasin Rahim.

The 31-year-old told Yahoo Singapore these everyday objects are part of a personal project he has been working on since 2011. “I [capture] 13 photos of the things I see on the street during the day… I was attracted to how different areas in the country evolve over a period of time.”

He added, “It [the project] also acts as a photo journal of mine so I can keep track of the changes, especially since everything in Singapore changes so fast.”

He uploads most of his photos onto his Flickr account, which he uses as a digital backup for his images. Flickr is also a platform he uses to learn from and engage in conversations with the photography community.

Yasin enjoys looking at the island from a bird’s eye view. He does this by going to the highest storey of a HDB block to find good vantage points to create images.

“From one of the HDB blocks near Lavender MRT, you can see the oil refinery, Kallang, Aljunied, the roads and the expressways. It’s a beautiful view which many people tend to overlook and take for granted,” he said. “Many of us believe that other countries look better. We criticise our country for looking boring or having too many slabs of concrete.  But when they see another concrete jungle like New York City, they will say it’s an awesome view.”

Yasin first taught himself the craft in 2003 when he experimented with a cousin’s film camera. An apprenticeship gave him the chance to consider a career in photography. “I joined a local arts and culture event, Noise Singapore, in 2007 through which I was selected for a one-month apprenticeship programme. As an intern, I met other photographers and learned a lot while being their assistants. After that, I worked at a production house for three years.” He currently works as a commercial photographer.

His eclectic photo project is not without its critics. Some friends and family members have called his work “stupid” and “crazy”.

Still, Yasin intends to continue shooting his project until he has “conquered the whole of Singapore”. His response to the naysayers? “Do not pay attention to what people say, just take photos of whatever it is that you want. At the end of the day, it’s your photo.”


Sep 6

A saturday trip to the new national stadium aka singapore sports hub.

Aug 8


A song that always brings me back memories of the past. #明月千里寄相思。

Sunset at braddell road.

Sunset at braddell road.

End of discussion for dec plan.  Followed up with a exciting ndp rehearsal.

End of discussion for dec plan. Followed up with a exciting ndp rehearsal.

Bumble bee.

Bumble bee.

Few trending things for my week.

Pictures taken in May 2014

NEW YORK (AP) — Subway says an ingredient dubbed the “yoga mat chemical” will be entirely phased out of its bread by next week.

NEW YORK (AP) — Subway says an ingredient dubbed the “yoga mat chemical” will be entirely phased out of its bread by next week.

Apr 5



林師傑 - 小木偶的話

Sub-theme song for TVB sitcom Come Home Love.

I loved this song ever since it first came out in December 2012! After so long finally there is an official audio! There are added lyrics at the end too.

This song compares himself to Pinocchio. He lies regardless of whether he’s happy or sad. It’s become to a point that he can lie as naturally as breathing. He feels bad about it and urges himself to stop. No matter what happens when he says the truth, at least he won’t feel regretful like he does now. He lies in order to avoid responsibility. He hides behind all these lies, because he feels that no one understands him. He hopes to breakaway from all these lies by himself. At the very end, he could. He is now free.

In terms of the drama, 阿飛 lacks self confidence. He says that people judge him by his looks before considering his talents, abilities, personality. Also, 阿飛 feels ashamed of his upbringing as you can see he has to live at the back of his boss’s store, lacking academic degrees, clumsy, lacking a loving family, lonely, etc. That’s why he chooses to hide behind a Pinocchio mask. After the appearance of 思思, these ideas are more apparent. 阿飛 feels inferior to someone like 思思. He is afraid of her rejection so he chooses to hide his feelings (behind a mask).

Generally the gist of this song. 👍